About Us


It all began from an effort of two long-time friends to be independent and self-sufficient women. A pair of hatchlings, taking the first step into the working world, developed different views on fashion from this new phase of life: how inconvenient it is to change attires between work and after-office hours, and how outer appearance reflects self-image in others’ eyes so it is important to be unique to differentiate ourselves from others. “Can beauty be practical?”, a question that gave birth to our first brand that we named ‘Hyde.’. Our continuous effort and comprehensive thinking to provide a solution to this question let ‘Hyde.’ grew to be a brand characterized for its original and versatile clothing that is valued at a reasonable price.

Today, equipped with a better expertise and an even more defined vision, we set out to escalate our endeavor with a brand new identity: ‘Frances.’. And this is the continuation of our journey.


“Your Mondays to Sundays Outfit”

Our products consist of ladies outfit for their daily activities, from Mondays to Sundays. From office to after-office hangout, or dinner for two on weekend. Everyday and everywhere!

“Self Designed and Self Manufactured”

Every Hyde. product is crafted based on our own design and production. So, that you won’t miss the authenticity from each of our creative product.
Worry less about undeserving quality.